A simple Microsoft Explorer Shell Extension.

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Welcome to the CBShellExt Microsoft Explorer Shell Extension.

CBShellExt is a simple extension mainly used to generate a DOC++ documentation on the fly. It is very useful to get a quick documentation of projects or even some files. It is best if you got some source code from other developers (e. g. Open Source) or code that you have written for years (this is really hard ;-)) )

Just select some header file in the Windows Explorer and click on them with the right mouse button.

Select the CBShellExt->Create a DOC++ Overview.

CBShelLExt runs then DOC++ with the default temp as the output directory. Then it starts your default browser.

Here is a list of highlights:

CBShellExt is distributed under the GNU General Public License and is developed by Carsten Breuer ( CBShellExt was created with software tools from other people. See Credits for more information.

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